Dr Niklas Serning






My main work is with adults, couples and children here in Bristol and over Skype. My doctorate in existential psychotherapy and psychology is from NSPC in London, and I have been trained by Babette Rothschield in PTSD work and Karen Weixel-Dixon in couples work.

I also work systemically as a coach and mentor with small and large organisations (including Opoka, Chrysalis, Bristol University, Airbus International, British and US Armed Forces), drawing from my UN experience as well as my psychotherapeutic skills, and also as a graduate of Royal Military Academy Sandhurst as well as the NHS’ King’s Fund year-long intensive Top Manager’s Programme.

My international work is mainly online. I am a psychologist consultant for Eutelmed, the international humanitarian support hub, providing low-cost psychotherapeutic support to charities, reporters and individuals. I am registered with the main insurance providers such as AXA, Aviva and Cygna.

There is a growing body of research into the controlled use of psychedelics in psychotherapy, both in the UK and the US. I have presented on these developments at the Breaking Convention international conference, and lectured on them at the University of the West of England. I work with clients after their experiences and help them make sense of them.

Finally, I have lectured internationally and widely, including Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and other universities in the UK and abroad. I am active in research, and have presented and published my work at the World Congress of Existential Therapy, Society of Psychotherapy, British Psychological Society, University of Bristol, the Hermeneutic Journal and Society of Existential Analysis. I am a member of the editorial review panel of Existential Analysis, and also sit on the ethics board for NSPC/Middlesex University. I am professional mentor for the Psychology of Education at Bristol University.

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