Dr Niklas Serning






Rational-Emotive Behavioural Therapy with Nina Lyon

Iíve been fascinated by the mind, and by the complementary and sometimes contradictory ways of dealing with it, for my whole adult life. I spent a very happy time in my early twenties as a co-worker in one of Britainís few live-in therapeutic communities, which sparked an interest in the complex interplay of factors that drive the way we think and feel: our biological predispositions; our familial, social and cultural environment and the ideas those bring to the table; our big-picture ambitions and goals.

I am also a writer (for more info go here). Iíve published, taught and presented on mythology, philosophy, psychotherapy, psychedelics, political culture and the natural world. Being caught up in ideas is intellectually fulfilling but I missed the immediacy and social connection of working with people Ė this brought me to my current studies at the College of Cognitive and Behavioural Therapies in London.

The therapeutic method I work with is Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy, which interrogates the role of our beliefs in our psychological wellbeing. REBT is a philosophically informed style of therapy, drawing on Stoic and pragmatic traditions among others. It is brief, targeted and outcome-focused and can offer rapid progress. Along with this I will bring relentless curiosity and an expansive worldview to help make sense of the things that matter to you, and to support you in achieving them.

This is available at a reduced cost of £30 for 50 minutes. The same cancellation policy of 48 hoursí notice applies and a client contract is here. Our complaints procedure can found here, and GDPR policy here. Niklas is clinically responsible for this placement but I am also supervised by a specialist REBT supervisor. Please contact Niklas in the first instance with any queries. He will then carry out a brief triage assessment and if REBT is suitable for your needs, he will put you in touch with me.

For further details or to book your initial consultation, please contact Niklas.